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What Is Stripless Waxing?

Putting wax on and then removing it can be an agonizing and messy endeavor, but this does not have to be the circumstance with stripless waxing. As well known as hard feel, stripless waxing aids in expediting the hair removing with less mess. No need at all for cloths nor paper or wood shaving strips is required for this waxing procedure, in truth it is generally performed by a qualified professional because it requires skill and practice to avoid any painful mishaps that can occur from improper hot wax application and removal.

Stripless Waxing
Stripless wax is applied to the desired area of skin to be waxed and then allowed to cool for a couple of seconds. Once the liquid stripless wax beads harden, an aesthetician or cosmetologist pulls the wax strip from the skin, taking away the hair with it. Stripless wax is removed in the opposite path of the hair growth, in the same way as traditional “soft” wax is removed. Beauty mavens dreaming about less pain often opt for hard wax, though this is very subjective. It is also stated that hard wax is better for course curled hair and sensitive areas.


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