The PRO6 Nano Electric Penny Board is a tiny electric skateboard which can take you anywhere quickly and easily. Designed to be compact and quick and simple to operate just throw it down and you can ride anywhere.

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It looks stealth and has a sealed design. It has a fully wireless infrared remote control which has no wires. A powerful brushless motor which has 2 speeds. The first speed is slow and so suitable for starters and beginners. The second speed is fast and maximum power so more suited for pro and experienced skateboarders.

– Maximum Speed 17mph (24kmh)
– Maximum Range 10 miles (16km)
– Weight 3.7kg
– Quick Charge in 90 minutes or less

In more detail:
– Can climb hills up to 20% slope incline
– Fully waterproof IP65 water & dust proof design
– Maximum Rider weight 80kg (12.5 Stone)
– Front White LED Light & Rear Red LED Light System
– Trigger Wireless Throttle IR Controller

PRO6 is a range of electric transport scooters. A premium solution for mobility our range of scooters are great for use to commute more easily in a city or built up urban area or as the perfect edge when taking part in motorsports or gaining quick and easy access to your boat, yacht or plane.


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