The brand new and latest iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus handsets are officially here as of today in the UK and worldwide.

The new phone incorporates some never before seen features such as:

3D Touch trackpad text selection

On the new iPhones, you can use 3D touch to turn your keyboard into a trackpad, allowing for faster text selection.

Peek and pop on emails, texts, and webpages

3D Touch allows for different pressure levels to register as different input types on the new iPhone screens, which Apple has cutely named pop and peek. 

Shoot a Live Photo

An interesting new feature of the iPhone 6S camera is the ability to shoot a so-called Live Photo, a mix between a static image, animated GIF, and a full-on video. 

Set a live wallpaper as your background

Thanks to Live Photos, you can now turn your iPhone lock screen into a moving image. Anything shot with the new camera feature will come to life with one press on the display. 

Quick actions from the home screen

In addition to pop and peek, 3D Touch lets you press down on home screen icons to access a list of functions you can jump into without having to open the app first. 

There a widespread reports that the iPhone 6 cracked easily if dropped on a hard surface. Gras a glass screen protector and iphone case to lower your chances of this happening, thats our advice here at Tech Beach.

Those interested in trading in their old iPhone to purchase a newer model have several options available.