A company called Nikola Labs has developed an iphone 6 battery case cover that it says can suck energy from the air.

The company takes radio frequency signals, sucks these back up and converts them into usable power which can extend the use and battery life of your iPhone 6 handset.


The smartphone case is designed for the iPhone 6 and looks like many others which are currently sold. The case converts the wasted energy produced by the phone to deliver a signal and then puts this back into the phone itself. This is similar to the way an iphone 6 battery jacket recharges your iphone 6. An iphone 6 battery case apple certified will also mean that it is genuine and will work as promised.

“The phone will be sending and receiving information [for things like apps running in the background] all the time,” explains David Jazani an expert from the University of Bedfordshire.

“If they are clever, what they have done is placed a collector antenna very close to the transmitting antenna, tuned to the correct frequency. Then it can harvest the signal when it is not necessary,” he says.

We love the idea of this case however only real life use will prove if the claimed 30% is possible. 

“If the device is taking energy from the radio frequency signal emitted by the phone then it will reduce the range and performance of the device, which will respond by increasing output power, so it will effectively cause the phone to drain the battery faster,” as told by Stephen Beeby,from the University of Southampton.

The creators Nikola Technology are from Ohio State University and we hope they deliver an case as promised.