The newly created Galaxy S6 series does everything a 2015 smartphone should be expected to do. With beautiful curved edges and a high end feel for an android device its a nice change from some of the older Samsung Galaxy handsets.

The S6 Edge’s has fairly simple and unassuming software which whilst not the high point of this phone does get the job done well. 

Wireless charging is a welcome addition to the new samsung S6. Samsung has designed the Galaxy S6 Edge to work with every type of wireless charger currently available. That means that you don’t need to worry about a wireless charging pad being only QI enabled. The phone tells you how long it will take until the handset will be fully charged.

The battery in the Samsung S6 edge is a little smaller than required at 2600 MAH. If your phone is left on a wireless charging pad when not in use you will not notice the short battery life, however take a long trip or day out and you may notice a fast drop in remaining charge. With no replaceable battery on this model of Samsung Galaxy its not possible to swap batteries. That’s where phones like the LG G4 have a unique edge with a larger 3000 MAH battery which is fully removable.

Slippery outer edges on the Galaxy S6 Edge could be an issue from some. As widely reported the coating on the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are a little more slippery than some people would like. It is the same at the edges of the screen on the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge handset. We found its just something you need to get used to over time, but it would be a real shame to drop and crack that beautiful curved edge screen.

The great 4K review video below lets you look more closely at the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge: